KP4 Partners

Four Churches, Four Pastors, One God!


Greater New Hope Baptist Church has partnered with three other local churches from different cultures, languages and worship styles with one goal in mind…to introduce the lost to Christ! This partnership is known as the Kingdom 4 Partnership, also known as the KP4 Project. The KP4 Partners are:


The Partners:
Greater New Hope Baptist Church – Pastor William B. Lyons, Jr.
Ministerio Palabra de Vida – Pastor Caesar Minera
New Life Christian Center – Pastor Angelo Austria
Reno Christian Fellowship – Pastor Brent Brooks

The four churches meet on a quarterly basis to have a combined worship service with all congregations at Reno Christian Fellowship so that they may fellowship with people of different races, cultures. and socioeconomic backgrounds. To learn more about the KP4 Project, click the video below.

Join us for our next
KP4 Worship Night
Sunday, November 12, 2017
@6:00 PM
Did you miss the last combined service? 
Watch it here!>>>>>>>  
Our next combined service will be
Sunday, September 10th @ RCF
Don’t miss it!